Carpet Cleaning. 

A clean carpet is a sign of a clean home

Carpet Cleaning

We've been Cleaning carpets for over 30 years, our family run business is dedicated to our client's satisfaction and built on their recommendations to family and friends. As a result, we have been recognized for many years as the best carpet and upholstery cleaner. We pride ourselves on repeated service to hundreds of homes, apartments, and many businesses each year throughout Greater Cairo  and the surrounding areas. Our staff is well trained, helpful and friendly in answering your questions to achieve,  A job well done and your complete satisfaction is our motivation, because 

Every carpet we clean is our way of advertising the quality of our service. When a friend or family member asks you who cleaned your carpets, we know you will not hesitate recommending our carpet cleaning service.

Hady  Cleaning Services double cleans commercial carpets to restore their neutral pH levels and reduce the chances of stains returning, and it uses turbo fans to speed up the drying process as much as possible.

we send out two technicians it has been our experience that two technicians are able to do a more thorough and efficient job than one man working alone. First, our technician will walk thorough your home to discuss your concerns and explain our procedure. Then, we will pre-treat the carpets and completely deep steam clean your carpets. We also double extract for quicker drying.

Here is the brief about normal carpet cleaning process;  

1 . Vacuum process: First all dust, dirt and dry soil is removed with the use of powerful vacuum cleaners. 

2. Pre Spray Carpet: A wool-safe cleaning solution; made of detergent + hot water, is sprayed over the carpet and left for a few minutes to kill germs and bacteria that might be hid in deep fibers. It loosens all grease / oil and general sticky substances that are stuck into fibers. 

3.  Rotary Scrubbing: It is a rotary type brush action that is used to suspend soils with all shampoo foam. 

4. Stain treatment: Marks and spots are given special stain removal treatment. 

5.  Hot water extraction: Hot detergent solution is used with pressure to wash the dirt and soil out of the carpet. 

6.  Grooming carpet: Wash is over now. Its grooming time that will improve the appearance of   your carpet.

A good carpet clean will revive your carpet to a new life with all its' grandeur; original bright, fresh colors and cleaned look.

The one stroke technique. 

Our Specially Designed American Machines Uses an intuitive cleaver Fast but Deep Cleaning technique. This is done by Spraying our specially Formulated Fabric friendly compound and brushing it so fast yet gently with a 3000 strock per minute brush to ensure that all tough stains are removed then Sucking it all in the machine return tank sparing you from vacuuming all the dirts again

Leaving the Carpet Fabric Just moist to prevent it from cracking if it gets too dry while cleaning  coming to a complete dry in a couple of hours or so, leaving it as clean and fresh as new


The Dirt.

You'll just get amazed yet astonished from the amount of dirt and dust carried in your carpets and rugs, you'll never get this kind of cleanness except from a deep cleaning services not just a carpet shampooing scam all the country


Basically all kinds of carpets, Rugs, Moquettes, specially the Silk or Chamois because of their delicacy  

We clean carpets by the deep cleaning method which basically sucks all the dirt from the carpet after spraying our compound and brushing it in a single stroke, we are not a shampooing company .. we clean your carpet dirts not hiding them...!!!

Typically from 1 to 3 hours for the average house hold (2 to 5 carpets)

About 70% to 80% dry because the wader despising depends on how dirty the carpet is coming to a complete dry in a couple of hours or so.

No. We clean all kinds of dirt, Dust, grease, all the way to toughest stains but not the dyeing stains like Ink, Paints, Polish that changes the original color of your carpet fabric we cant remove them and we don't think anyone can, the carpet must be bleached returning the fabric to its original white color ruining the carpet.

Yes, but with a shipping and handling fees