Hady Cleaning

When quality matters ...!!!!


What We Do

Carpet Cleaning

Deep cleaning of carpets, mattresses, rugs and mats, restoring them to their 1st hand state   .

Upholstery Cleaning

Sofas, couches, chairs and dinning chairs back to being brand new.

Mattresses Cleaning

Deep cleaning of mattresses making you wake up as fresh as a daisy.

UV Sanitizing

Sanitizing your furniture and fabrics with UV rays (Sun Rays),killing all bacteria and fungi, in addition to all other irritants.

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Carpet Cleaning

Using innovative method of hot water deep cleaning, sucking all dirt from carpets and rugs leaving them 80% dry.

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Upholstery Cleaning

Eliminating dust, non-dying stains and unpleasant odors deep cleaning, leaving them 80% dry.

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Mattresses Cleaning

No matter how clean mattresses may appear, it always contains dust mites and germs. Our innovative technology manages to get rid of all of all of them, in addition to any other known irritants.

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UV Sanitizing

Sanitizing furniture, fabrics ,and furniture, killing dust mites with Ultra Violet rays that eliminate the occur of skin and health irritants.   

Why Us

We don't just do things better .. We're doing them differently

Why Us?

We are in the field for more than 35 years, as the company was established back in 1984. We use American machines with highly innovative modern technology that clean fabrics without damaging them. We have highly trained and experienced team to assure our customers' satisfaction. 

We have our equipped cars ready to deliver our services to our customers, anywhere in Greater Cairo. Basically, we are a company that you can't resist but to trust.

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35 Years of experience 

When you do something for 35 years,   you must be good at it. 

Residential Cleaning

More than 18000 satisfied residential customers.  

Corporate Cleaning

More than 600 corporate on our regular cleaning schedule. 

Experienced Team

Our team of highly trained personnel,  ranging from 15 to 30 years of experience.  

What our Clients say

Our Customers Questions

Head Office and Call Center Sunday through Thursday from 9 am till 5 pm, Operations office all days 24/7

We serve our customers all over greater Cairo, and in distant governarates as well but with different minimum charge for the job

Your call shall be a day or two before your intended visit time  

We Deep Clean and Sanitize All Kinds of Fabrics i.e Chairs, Sofas, Carpets, Rugs , Moquette, Mattresses and beddings, Curtains , Drapes

We use the hot water Deep Cleaning technique Using top notch american manufactured Machines which spares hot water (Not Steam) with our special formulated cleaning compound then brushes it with a 3000 strocks per minute bruch to clear stains the such it off with a powerful suction motor of 60 psi which leaves the fabrics as close to dry as practical

About 80% dry because the water dispensing depends on how tough your stains are  

No, Just Clear the intended cleaning space from your personal belongings

No, We DON'T , and there's a lot of impostors who try to use our name.

What you get from working with H A D Y.

High quality,Affordable service, Delivered to You

First list of Features

Fast, Good, Affordable

Fast service

As we value your time, our service takes 2-3 hours maximum.  

Door to door service

Our cars are available for your service anytime.  

Experienced personnel 

Our staff has 30 years of experience  

Second list of Features

Clever, Clean, Cost

We Work 24/7/365 all year long

No need to worry about weekends or vacations, we are always available for you.  

Best Prices

Our prices are the best in the market, which proves that good service can come cheap as well.

Satisfaction guarantee

We don't only guarantee good quality, but we guarantee the best service, high satisfaction and best results.  


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