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About US

Hadi Trading and Engineering Company is a privately owned company established in 1984 with more than 35 years of market experience which made our company the largest and the oldest company in the market. We provide our services in the field of washing, drying, sterilizing carpets, rugs, salons, mattresses and all kinds of upholstery. We work with commercial, industrial, institutional, and recreational facilities throughout Egypt. 

Since the company inception our management is keen to keep its reputation of being the highest level of quality service through professionalism, the most efficient in cleaning through using the latest technology, and acquiring the ultimate customer satisfaction through hard work. 

In order to remain a leading service company in Egypt, our management seek out for Rug Doctor international to provide the company with most efficient machines in the cleaning field.  

In 1985 Hadi Trading and Engineering Company became the one and only agent of Rug Doctor, lnc machines the Egypt.

Alone with the Rug Doctor license came topnotch work force as we consider them as backbone to our company and endorse their protection while providing the highest standard for safety and performance. As a result, our company provides A class service with more than 90 % referrals.

Our company services gained the trust of many reputable companies in various fields;   our clientele base includes UNESCO organization, Commercial international bank, Galaxy cinema, Procter & Gamble and Coca-Cola among many other reputable companies’ ministries and agencies. 

In the past few years, Hadi managed to enter areas in the service field though developed a relationship with companies in order to be able to provide full house keeping services and using specialized cleaning agents followed by application of allergy relief treatment on carpets- upholstery, mattress, and  rugs  which resulted in widening the scope of expertise when contributing in public and private sectors tenders.

Recently, the company is engaged in entering new area in the cleaning service field, which is sterilizing mattresses and all kinds of upholstery using ultra violet waves and becoming the only company in Egypt to sterilize using the latest technology and most effective way.

Our company success can be attributed to sound management practices, quality service, and a strong motivation on our part to be the very best in the field 

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Our Mission

At Modern Maintenance Systems, our aim is to exceed our customer's expectations as the quality leader in providing superior environmental cleaning services for commercial, industrial, professional and retail facilities.

Our philosophy is that no two businesses have identical needs, nor do they warrant identical treatment. For that reason, we do not begin a relationship with a solution. For us, a more logical method involves an examination, a diagnosis, a plan of treatment, and only then, a cure. Deeds, however, are more eloquent than words. So we make this offer: Let us visit your facility, learn about your needs and give you our professional opinion - a kind of "facilities check-up"…free and at no obligation..      To provide the best and comprehensive cleaning services to commercial and residential sectors and eliminate people’s carpet, upholstery, and tile hygiene issues.

 Our Values:   Without following certain values, no organization can function               effectively. The values we follow are both for the benefit our employees and clients. We are dedicated to strictly following our set values to ensure that we can be the best cleaning services organization both internally and externally:

Consistency of Quality:   No matter what kind of cleaning service has been booked, we provide each one with the same level of quality. Mr. Clean never comprises on the standards of quality to ensure that our clients can trust and rely on us.

Customer Service:   Our clients are as much of an asset to us as our own employees. From the process of booking the service to completion, we never sway from providing ease to them. We ensure that clients’ needs and demands are net effectively at every point of contact.


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