Mattresses Cleaning.

Happy dreams starts with a clean bed

A one third of  our lives.

We Spend more than one third(1/3) of our lives in bed, yet its the least cleaned space we use every day, don't get me wrong im not saying you don't clean your bedding sheet, changing  and washing the bed sheets just make your bed or mattresses look clean but that doesn't mean that the mattress itself is clean, it can host literally millions of dust , dead skin u shed during a good night sleep sweats , all these causes undesirable oders and smells everywhere in a mattress and no matter how frequent you change or wash your bed sheets it still have a stinky smell actually the clean bed sheet is getting dirty from the mattress beneath it.

We use our specially designed American machines with the deep cleaning technique to spray our specially formulated solvents to dissolve all kinds of stains then a powerful brush brushes them the all are sucked in the machine return tank to leave your mattress as clean as it can be, after that u can use our ultra violet sanitizing service for even healthier mattress described in the UV sanitizing section in our services.

Sleep better & breathe easier knowing that your mattress has been cleaned and sanitized by the cleaning professionals at Hady Cleaning. Our mattress cleaning includes: vacuuming, high heat steam cleaning to kill and remove those nasty dust mites. We also offer deodorizing which leaves your mattress smelling fresh and clean.

Reasons to Clean Your Mattresses

Fresh them up, Bed Wetter’s, Allergies, Pet Accidents, Sickness, Asthma ,Peace of Mind, Sleep Overs

Did you know?

Thousands, even millions of dust mites can be living in your mattress if not cleaned regularly.

When returning a mattress to a store for warranty purposes, it has to be cleaned by an IICRC Certified professional cleaner before returned.


The Dust Mites

The dust mite is the tiniest of all crawlings, its smaller than a spider 800 times, they dwell and thrive in a humid moist warm environment and their favorite food is dead skin flakes, yes you read this right.. dead skin flakes, and where exactly would an environment like that exist??? .. you got it right.. in our furniture and mattress.

But the problem isn't that they are stinky and disgusting, the problem is their poop, again you read this right, POOP, its full of allergy inducing toxins that makes your life a living hell

Allergy health effects

If you wake up every morning with a red eye, clogged nose, soar throat, headaches, or even inflamed skin or skin rash on your neck and shoulders, you got the dust mite and more and above your allergic to them



You should clean your mattresses because it hosts and holds all your dead skin flakes, dried night sweats, even with a regular bed sheet changing , the mattress hasn't been changed or cleaned so your bed still dirty.

About 6 months maximum, but the shorter the cleaning interval the better.

We Deep clean your mattress, and by that we mean we spray it with a specially made compound, brush all the dirt from its surface, then suck all the residue with a powerful sucking hose so your mattress as clean as it can be afterwards.

All types of sponge mattresses, we don't clean water mattresses or cotton filled mattresses.

about a couple of hours in a properly ventilated room.